Developing employability and innovations amongst the youth people

The project is directly linked with the 2 priorities outlined above as it is developed to answer the dilemma among practitioners in the youth field about their role in promoting entrepreneurship in youth work. For a long period of time youth work has been exclusively linked with young peoples’ personal and social development. This means that for a lot of practitioners of youth work, its main purpose is to develop young people into autonomous members of their communities, able and willing to contribute with their ideas, opinion and work. Also youth work was more about social skills such as communication skills, ability to work in diverse teams, intercultural learning etc.

In the past several years, youth work is increasingly becoming a tool for professional development of young people and entrepreneurship is often quoted as a key aspect to be addressed in youth work. Due to this change in the development of the profession of youth workers, there is a clear need for further study and training of youth workers, so this aspect of their work becomes clear and well understood. 

Entrepreneurship education as such has increasingly becoming part of the formal education curricula as well. This trend however is not being followed in non-formal education. There is a lack of materials and scientific approach to ensure that entrepreneurship education within non-formal learning is done following the principles of NFE (voluntary, self-directed, self-assessed, experiential etc.). It is very possible that due to the lack of pedagogical tools for non-formal learning about entrepreneurship there is a resistance among youth workers to approach this topic.  Also another possibility is that often entrepreneurship as such does not leave space to talk and build awareness about social justice, so in this regards the approach towards social entrepreneurship could be more close to youth work.

Through this brief rationale of the project it is clear that there is a need for more study and training in youth work so that it can adjust to the new reality. So in this regards, the project will answer the question often spoken from youth workers – how to approach youth in a non-formal way and inspire them to start their own business and social enterprise. In addition through the entrepreneurship education in youth work, young people improve their sense of initiative and gain soft skills needed for their future working life, thus help them to gain transversal competences needing for their life.

The aim of the project is to develop strategic tools and motivate youth organizations to provide youth entrepreneurship support and further expand on this topic. As a topic is it very important not only for the 3 partner organizations, but also it is important for the wider youth work field who will benefit from deeper and more contextualized exploration of the role of youth work in promotion of entrepreneurship. 

In this line, we believe that the project is directly linked with the outlined 2 priorities and produces space for a step further in European youth work in these aspects.