Main Objectives

  • To provide training opportunities for youths in leadership, advocacy and negotiating skills.
  • To provide an opportunity for youth to come together and discuss matters that effect them.
  • To provide an opportunity to youth to network and establish links with other European youth organisations.
  • To provide an opportunity for youth to develop a set of policy recommendations on youth strategies that should be adopted by national and European governments.
  • To strengthen the role of the Gozo Youth Council as the main coordinator of youth organisations in Gozo.


  • The problem identified for this project is the brain drain that the island of Gozo is suffering due to the lack job opportunities on the island.
  • The lack of opportunities has created apathy in the young generation. Thus through this project, the participants will be trained on how they can become leaders, they can negotiate and discuss policies that affect them by broadening their networks of contacts in order to create larger networks of cooperation.
  • This will ensure that Gozitan youths are given the power and the skills to change their future from one of apathy to one leading to active participation.
  • Through this project we want to give hope to the young people of the island by training them to become leaders and active participants and thus develop their skills and create opportunities to avoid having Gozitan youths feeling alienated and not really part of the system.

Programme Time-Table

1st International Expert Session – April 2015 (11th, 12th)
1st Local Expert Session –  May 2015 (9th)
2nd Local Expert Session – June 2015 (6th)
2nd International Expert Session –  July 2015 (11th, 12th)
3rd Local Expert Session – August 2015 (8th)
4th Local Expert Session – September 2015 (12th)
5th Local Expert Session – October 2015 (10th)
3rd International Expert Session – November 2015 (14th, 15th)
6th Local Expert Session –  December 2015 (12th)
7th Local Expert Session – January 2016 (9th)
Final Conference – 19 March 2016


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