Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work

Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work


The project funded by Erasmus+ was about Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work with the main aim to developing employability and innovations amongst the youths. Together with our two international partners, Out of Box International and the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development we developed and successfully implemented this project.

The project answered the question often spoken from youth workers of how to approach youth in a non-formal way and inspire them to start their own business and social enterprise. In addition this project through the entrepreneurship education in youth work, young people improved their sense of initiative and gain soft skills needed for their future working life, thus help them to gain transversal competences needing for their life.

The project is set around the trend of development of youth work as a tool to combat unemployment among young people, which is enhanced both on European and national level. Furthermore I believe that the notion of social entrepreneurship could be a turning point for Gozo as it would offer sustainable employment for the Gozitan youths who would like to have a future in Gozo.

The first intellectual output is a publication that is a support tool for youth workers to mentor and stimulate Youth Entrepreneurship in their youth organisations and communities. It main aim is to strengthen mentoring skills of youth workers, to be able to fully follow a Youth Entrepreneurship Process, from idea development to realization and provide the necessary support for the idea to be realized. It includes methodologies and methods in Mentoring and Coaching in particular on the topic of Business Idea Development, Monitoring of Business plan, Meaning of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Carrier Guidance

The second intellectual output is a toolkit will be a mainly an educational resource for youth workers and other stakeholders. It is a support tool for youth workers to introduce (Social) Entrepreneurship Education and Programmes related to Entrepreneurship in their youth organizations and youth center. The first part is focused as a training curricula for educators and coaches to conduct training and learning activities on the topic of youth entrepreneurship. The second part will be composed of methods and practices from youth work and non-formal education, that youth workers can use to introduce and stimulate entrepreneurship in youth work activities, when working with young people on local, national or international level. The two of the project outputs will be a valuable contribution to the youth field in general, as they will be a hands on support and tool for youth workers to promote entrepreneurship not only on local, but also on European level.